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Portugal is a southern European nation on the Iberian Peninsula, circumscribing Spain. Its area on the Atlantic Ocean has impacted numerous parts of its way of life: salt cod and barbecued sardines are national dishes, the Algarve's shorelines are a major destination. Campsites in Portugal • Algarve • Lisbon and Porto • Fish as a specialty • Sun, sea and beach • Fado and Port wine Portugal, known for its port wine, fado music and glazed tiles, is a southern European country with a coastline of over 850 km and many beautiful beaches and coastal areas. Campsites in Portugal are not yet popular with Dutch people. Often because of unfamiliarity, but another obstacle is the rather large travel distance. Now that many campers have more time to travel, a holiday to the campsites in Portugal is highly recommended. And that we have more time, is good, because the warm climate, the friendly residents and the beautiful varied nature make the country an attractive camping destination.   Portugal, the golf destination Golfing near campsites in Portugal is an unforgettable experience that is not easily forgotten. Whether you are at a campsite in Algarve, Lisbon or Madeira, Golfing is possible almost everywhere in Portugal! Save a hole in one on one of the excellent golf courses with a view over the breathtaking landscapes. The biggest challenge is to not be distracted by the beauty of the surrounding landscape. There are greens overlooking the ocean, surrounded by cliffs and dunes with white sand. Other golf courses lie between lakes and mountains, where the aromas of flowers and herbs mix and are impossible to distinguish. Most golf courses can be found in the Algarve, the region that stretches across the entire width of the south of Portugal. All the ingredients for a wonderful camping holiday come together here: a beautiful coastal strip with beautiful beaches and interesting sights. With no less than eighty varied golf courses, Portugal is the golf destination where you can play all year round. The coast of Portugal Most of the coast borders the Atlantic Ocean. Famous places are Lisbon and Porto. Lisbon, the capital, is beautifully situated on the broad estuary of the Tagus and owes its wealth for a large part to the colonial era. A little further to the north lies the port of Porto, at the mouth of the river Douro. The coasts of the campsites in Portugal are very varied, in size and composition. There are wide safe sandy beaches, small beaches between high rock formations and beaches with a lively sea. Especially at sea there are many sporting activities to undertake. So you can excellent (body) surfing here and it is a real paradise for sea fishermen. The Algarve The Algarve is the most famous coastal region and here is the highest concentration of campsites in Portugal. In terms of tourism, this region has developed into a known and important area. Besides the beautiful coast and the cozy seaside resorts, there are many activities. For example, a ball at the many golf courses, a dive in the water parks or a visit to a zoo. The interior The campsites in Portugal are also emerging in the interior. Ready to be discovered. Here nature is very diverse and you will find an arsenal of landscapes: from grain fields to reservoirs, from hills to mountains of almost 2000m altitude. The interior is also fairly sparsely populated and provided with a good road network. Ideal to take a walk, ride a horse or just take a bike. The routes take you past untouched nature, vineyards, cork oaks and olive groves. Do not forget the small whitewashed villages and the many castles and castles. This makes camping really fun.   Culture and history Portugal is a country with a rich history. Many famous explorers left from the coasts. At that time countries were conquered and great treasures were captured. In Brazil people still speak Portuguese and Madeira and the Azores still belong to Portuguese territory to this day. History has various periods; the Roman times, the time of the Moors and the time of the Burgundian house. Everywhere are memories of these ancient cultures, which are all worth a visit.   Fish as a specialty Fishing is an important source of income for Portugal. On the menu there are many specialties of both fish and shellfish. The colorful fishing fleet is drawn to the beach in many places after returning. Formerly with horses, but nowadays usually with a tractor. This is a true attraction for the whole family. The catch is auctioned directly at the fish market at various locations. The real enthusiast can pick up a fresh fish yourself. Have the fish prepared? Go out to eat in one of the many restaurants, after all it is still a holiday.    What to know about campsites in Portugal Camping in Portugal is cheap. The cost of living is also lower than in the Netherlands. The campsites in Portugal generally have good sanitary facilities and provide sufficient electricity (electricity) for daily use. Because of the long coast

22 campsites

Orbitur Guincho

Europe /
Portugal / Costa de Lisboa / Cascais

Orbitur Guincho in Cascais Guincho is a well-placed campsite, both for enjoying the beach and visiting Lisbon. The location of the campsite gives extra appeal to this campsite. The often strong wind causes high waves, making the coast very popular with board surfers. 

Parque Campismo Orbitur Montargil

Europe /
Portugal / Ponte de Sor / Montargil

Camping Ortibur in Montargil, nice flat terrain on the banks of the reservoir in a quiet area in the Alentejo. This family campsite has its own beach and has a tennis court. Next to the tennis court is a cozy center with restaurant, bar and shop. At the campsite you can make free use of wireless internet (wifi) in the vicinity of the reception.  

Yelloh! Village Turiscampo

Europe /
Portugal / Algarve / Espiche-Lagos

This beautiful camping in the Algarve region  is very well looked after with a beautiful pool and new  plumbing. It is the 1st campsite in Portugal that is affiliated with the French Yelloh! Village camping group and Yelloh! Village Turiscampo 1 of the 39 Leading Campsites in Europe.

Orbitur Rio Alto

Europe /
Portugal / Costa Verde / Póvoa de Varzim

It is a beautiful and well-kept camping on the Costa Verde in northern Portugal. The camping is right behind the dunes with its own entrance to the beach. The sea here has a strong wave making the place ideal for surfers. In the vicinity of the campsite, various trips can be made to historic towns or small fishing villages.

Orbitur São Pedro De Moel

Europe /
Portugal / Centro / São Pedro De Moel

ORBITUR S Pedro de Moel is one of the most attractive campsites in the Orbitur network, located in a pine wood, quiet and with excellent infrastructures. It is placed in extraordinary surroundings, in a small spa town on the Costa de Prata, which is often visited by inhabitants of the country. 

Orbitur Costa De Caparica

Europe /
Portugal / Portugal Mainland / Costa de Caparica

Camping Orbitur Costa de Caparica is located in the dunes, about 30 minutes drive south of Lisbon. It is shady, has demarcated places and is particularly easy to reach. The campsite has a car wash and camper service. Beautiful new bungalows can be rented at the campsite. 

 Parque Markadia

Europe /
Portugal / Portugal Mainland / Alvito

Camping Markadia is a beautifully located campsite on the Odivelas reservoir in the south of Alvito. It has a sloping terrain, with many flat places. It gives superb view over the lake and the surroundings. Swimming pool and tennis courts available (for a fee). 

Ilha do Pessegueiro camping & apartments

Europe /
Portugal / Alentejo / Porto Covo

Camping Ilha do Pessegueiro is a spacious campsite with beautiful entrance.  The road to the campsite ends on the beach.  Opposite the beach is the island Ilha do Pessegueiro with a 17th century fortress and the  remains of a Roman port.

Camping Milfontes

Europe /
Portugal / Algarve / Vila Nova de Milfontes

Camping Parque de Milfontes is quietly located on the outside of the atmospheric resort of Vila Nova de Milfontes. The bay of Vila Nova de Milfontes is beautiful and very sheltered. The place is atmospheric and has a rich history. Above the mouth of the river is a restored castle. You can canoe in the bay, these are for rent on the spot. 

Camping De Covas

Europe /
Portugal / Portugal Mainland / Villa Nova de Cerveira

Camping Covas in Via Nova de Cerveira is a well-maintained and friendly family campsite located in mountainous surroundings of the valley of the Serra de Arga in northern Portugal. This area, the Minho, with low, but rugged mountains is particularly fertile and produces many agricultural products. 

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Campsites in Portugal

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